Swiss permits

In Switzerland, the law on Foreigners and Integration (LEI) regulates the different types of permits and visas. A L or B permit is mandatory for any foreigner planning to live and work in Switzerland (art. 11 al. 1 LEI).

Despite the fact that Switzerland is not a member of the EU, the same conditions apply to EU/EFTA citizens wishing to live and work on Swiss territory. Switzerland has signed the freedom of movement agreement as part of the bilateral accord with the EU, allowing EU-27/EFTA citizens to enter, reside and work in the country.

Obtaining a work permit in Switzerland relies on different factors: whether the applicant is a EU-27/EFTA citizen, has signed a work contract, the number of permits available per canton (quotas) and the level of skills and expertise held by the applicant. Only skilled migrants can be hired from the non-EU job market.

A Swiss residency permit can also be obtained for foreigners over 55 planning to retire in Switzerland, under specific conditions.

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