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Going through divorce can be a painful process that may seem even more difficult and complicated when living abroad. Indeed, when the divorce involves international aspects (ex. in case of the dissolution of a binational marriage), issues such as the applicable law to the divorce and to the ancillary effects need to be well assessed as the consequences may differ considerably from one jurisdiction to another.

Avoid damaging mistakes to you or your family.

As expatriates, the decision to divorce in Switzerland shall be thoroughly analyzed in order not to commit damaging mistakes to you or your family. Some answers to most of the important and frequently asked questions can be found here. In any case, if you are dealing with one of these issues and need some help to cautiously conduct a divorce procedure; please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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Browse our free content topics below.  Some answers to most of the important and frequently asked questions can be found here. 

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Divorce procedure

 Where and how to initiate a divorce procedure?

What can be expected?

 What can child(ren) and spouse expect in case of a divorce?

Assets and personal funds

 What consequences has a divorce on assets and personnal funds of each spouse?

Right to stay in Switzerland

As an expatriate, how does a divorce affect your right to stay in Switzerland?

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Rules governing divorce in Switzerland offer many possibilities for spouses to legally end their relationship; through a joint request or a at the petition of one spouse under certain conditions. Procedural rules are not hard to get and apply, however, it’s important not to neglect any detail in order to swiftly carry out the divorce procedure and make the entire process as painless as possible.

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In Switzerland, in application of the clean-break principle, spouses are expected to individually provide for their own needs post-divorce. In this jurisdiction, the marital solidarity principle, dictating some kind of support from one spouse to the other only applies when the latter is not able to independently do so. This is mainly the case when the marriage decisively influenced the economic situation of the spouse in need.

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Spouses are free to decide on the fate of their own assets post-divorce. It’s up to them to select a marital regime that fits their best interests. If they forget to discuss that issue or can’t reach an agreement, the default scheme will apply; they will have to equally share each and every asset they acquired during their marriage

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As expatriates, a divorce will probably lead to an important change in your administrative status regarding your ability to stay on Swiss territory. It’s therefore crucial not to neglect any detail and be careful to regularize your situation as soon as possible.

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Divorce in Switzerland ?

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Browse our free content topics below.  Some answers to most of the important and frequently asked questions can be found here. 

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