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Legal Expat is managed by lawyers registered at the Geneva Bar and immigration specialists.

Legal Expat works in close collaboration with OA LEGAL SA, a Geneva law firm with a well-established reputation. This collaboration enables you to receive advice from specialist in the field in which you require clarification or assistance. Whether your query concerns immigration issues, legal proceedings or setting up a company in Switzerland, our aim is to provide you with high quality advice to address your legal concerns.

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Nicolas and his team will answer your questions with pleasure. They will provide a first answer, allowing you to assess the issue you are facing.

Please note that such answers should not be regarded as a legal opinion but only as a first advice, intended to determine whether you may consider it useful to proceed further.

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    Legal Expat provides immigration services and legal advice to the expatriate community living and working in Switzerland.

    We work in partnership with OA Legal, a Geneva well established law firm. Our English-speaking team can assist you with the various issues you may face as an expat in Switzerland: apply for work permits and visas, Swiss citizenship, divorce proceedings and employment law disputes.

    We also provide our immigration and employment law services to companies based in Switzerland.

    This website has been created and is managed exclusively by Swiss lawyers and immigration specialists. For more specific advice, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

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    If you have a permit issue in Switzerland, it is important to note that some permits may only allow you to work and not necessarily reside in the country. When applying for a permit, make sure to clarify the specific restrictions and permissions associated with it.

    Additionally, European workers can start working immediately after submitting necessary documents, while non-European workers must wait for the permit to be accepted by the SEM.

    Family reunification is possible for Swiss citizens or permit holders. DeliverPermit can assist with permit renewal or changes, and personal data is protected on the application. Please note that there are no refunds for rejected permit applications.

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    Foreigner have the right to start a business in Switzerland, provided that they have a valid work permit. Setting up a business is usually quite simple under Swiss law. However, there are situations where the nature of business requires a license, such as in the banking or food industry.

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    If you need advice for a divorce in Switzerland, it is important to understand the legal process and implications. To initiate a divorce, you will need to file a petition with the local court in the canton where you reside.


    The court will then schedule a hearing to determine the terms of the divorce, including custody arrangements for children and division of assets. Child custody and visitation rights will be determined based on the best interests of the children, while spouses may be entitled to spousal support or a share of marital assets.


    It is important to seek legal advice to ensure that your rights are protected during the process and to understand how the divorce may impact your residency status as an expatriate in Switzerland.

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    The statutory order of inheritance in Switzerland outlines priority among legal heirs, with specific entitlements for surviving spouses and descendants. Understanding the hierarchy and principles of inheritance is crucial for effective estate planning.

    Writing a will allows for customization of inheritance distribution, with important considerations such as appointing an executor, clarifying bequests, and granting usufruct.

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    For a convenient and efficient option, we offer Zoom consultations for discussing your legal concerns from the comfort of your own home. These virtual meetings allow for flexible scheduling and provide a secure platform for confidential discussions. To book a Zoom consultation, simply click here.

    If you prefer a face-to-face meeting, we also offer consultations in our office. To ensure a smooth and timely appointment, we kindly ask that all customers book and schedule their consultations using our web calendar. This online booking system allows you to easily select an available time slot that works best for you and ensures that our team is ready to assist you during your visit.

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