What is DeliverPermit?

DeliverPermit was created with a main goal : being accessible and user-friendly for expates in Switzerland. Dealing with administrative paperwork can be a daunting task that consumes a lot of time. In contrary to immigration specialists or lawyers, an average person will have struggles understanding every aspect of immigration law and its implications.

That’s where DeliverPermit comes in – it helps you effortlessly navigate the online permit form, and an immigration specialist will review your form before submitting it to the relevant authorities. Thus, this makes applying for a permit or renewing a permit for you or your employees easier than ever before.

In addition, our website legalexpat offers ressources and a better understanding of permits in Switzerland. Here it’s a short summary of what you can expect to find on the website:

Depending on the type of employment you are aiming for (short-term employment, employment longer than 3 months or self-employment), you’ll need to meet certain requirements which mainly depend on whether you are a Citizen of EU/EFTA member states or a Non-EU/EFTA national.

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The Swiss C permit is the equivalent of Swiss permanent residency, allowing a non-Swiss citizen to work and live in Switzerland without any restrictions. To apply, you must have lived in Switzerland for at least 10 years on a B or L permit (permits N, F are not taken into account) and the last 5 years must have been spent in the country without any interruption (art. 34 al.2 let. a LEI).

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It is possible to take up residence in Switzerland without any activity if you meet these requirements : having sufficient financial ressources to support yourself and not being dependant on social welfare assistant

The EU/EFTA residence permit is valid for five years and is extended automatically if criterias are still met.

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Just as for a stay without gainful employment, it is possible to retire in Switzerland if these requirements are met : having sufficient financial ressources to support yourself and hold a valid medical and accident insurance

Once the B permit has been granted, buying a property as primary residence is possible.

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Family reunification allows for family members of Swiss residents or Swiss permit holders to be granted a B permit. Family reunification must be requested within 5 years from the moment the main applicant arrives in Switzerland or from the birth of the child. For children above the age of 12, it should be requested within 12 months of arrival (art. 47 LEI).  

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Students have the possibility to take up residence in Switzerland without gainful employment (if sufficient financial resources, no dependency on social welfare assistance and having an dequatae accident and health insurance) , but must meet certain criteria depending on their citizenship

A student from an EU/EFTA country can stay in Switzerland for up to 90 days within a six-month period without a permit. For longer stays, the student must register as a person without gainful employment with the appropriate cantonal immigration and employment market authorities.

A student coming from UK or a non-EU/EFTA country,  will have to submit additional documents such as a personal study plan indicating the goal of their studies, proof of admission to a recognises educational institution, a CV, and a confirmation that they will leave Switzerland at the end of their studies

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If you have obtained a permit to live in Switzerland under family reunification or under marriage, maintaining your permit is possible if certain conditions are met. 

As a member of an EU/ETFA country, holding a B permit,  <ou can submit a permit in your own name if you are workinf or have sufficient resources to ensure your financial independance. 

As a member of a non-EU/EFTA country, your permission to stay can be extended if (1) you have been for at least three years and have lived in the same household with your spouse, (2) you are well integrated in Switzerland or  (3) you need to stay in Switzerland for important personal reasons.

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A C permit can be granted after 5 consecutive years in Switzerland holding a B permit if the following conditions are met (art. 34 al. 4 LEI):

    • Successful integration of the applicant and family members aged 12 years and over (art. 58a LEI);
    • Respect of the Swiss legal system and Constitutional values;
    • Certificate of the language spoken in the area of residence at level A1 written, B1 spoken;
    • Willingness to participate to the economic and social life of the country and to adapt (being employed or studying);
    • When the applicant was previously granted a C permit for at least 10 years and has not lived abroad for more than 6 years.

The years spent under a B study permit do not count towards the fast-tracked C permit unless the applicant has obtained a B work permit after his studies for a minimum of 2 years (Directives LEI 2019, Chapter

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Swiss citizenship can be acquired through birth, adoption, marriage or by application after 10 years of residency in Switzerland.

Children born overseas to a Swiss parent automatically hold Swiss citizenship until the age of 25 years old.

When applying for Swiss citizenship, a C permit is mandatory. The 10 years of residency are accounted when the applicant was holding a C, B or carte de légitimation (CDL).

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Outsource your company's permits and employment law matters to LegalExpat

You will no longer have to deal with endless amounts of paperwork and the hassle of gathering all your documents. All you have to do is upload the necessary files onto DeliverPermit and send them over to us – we’ll take care of the rest. 

    • 100% paperless online permit application process
    • Security of data guaranteed at each step
    • Overview of all your employees’ permit information
    • Manage all your work permit applications/renewals through your account

We assist companies on those permits:

  • B/L, EU/EFTA & UK permit
  • Cross-border G permit
  • Posted workers
  • C permit
  • Family reunification B permit
  • 120-day work authorization
  • 90-day per-year work authorization
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Is DELIVERPERMIT made for me?

DeliverPermit is an online tool crafted by Swiss lawyers and immigration specialists to assist companies in efficiently and cost-effectively managing the permits for their employees.

Sole proprietorship (“raison individuelle”) is in practice the simplest way to set up a company in Switzerland. Basically, a sole proprietorship means an individual conducting a business under his own family name and under his full responsibility. There is no legal distinction between the business and the owner.

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A limited liability company (Sàrl) is a distinct legal entity in which one or more natural persons or legal entities participate. Each member takes equity in the company by contributing to its capital. In order to successfully create such an entity, the law imposes some specific requirements (art. 772-827 CO).

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Corporations are the most common form of limited liability companies in Switzerland. This form is generally used to conduct all types of profit-driven commercial activities. In order to successfully create such an entity, the law imposes some specific requirements (art. 602-760 CO).

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Must I have an address in Switzerland before I request a permit?

Yes, it is necessary to have an address in Switzerland in order to request a permit as this information is required in the application form.

Once I have requested my permit, can I start working before it is delivered to me ?
  • European workers can start working immediately once they have submitted the necessary documents requesting their permit.
  • Non-European workers must wait for their permit to be accepted by the SEM (Secrétariat d’Etat aux migrations)
Is my family allowed to live in Switzerland with me ?

In general, a Swiss citizen or Swiss permit holder can request a family reunification, thus allowing for his spouse and children to receive a Swiss permit.

Does my application through DeliverPermit guarantee me receiving my permit?

No, DeliverPermit is a tool developped to make the application process easier but can not guarantee a permit being granted.

Can I use DeliverPermit to renew or change my permit?

Yes, DeliverPermit allows for permit holders to renew their permits or change them if necessary.

Is my personnal data protected on the DeliverPermit application?

Yes, all information is protected amd guaranteed on DelverPermit by our server located in Switzerland.

Will I receive a refund if my permit application is rejected?

No, there is no possibility for a refund. Whether the application is accepted or rejected, the work involved in requesting the granting of a permit will have been provided.

Made in switzerland by immigration specialists

DeliverPermit is an online tool created by Swiss immigration specialists, enabling companies to efficiently outsource their permit requests at an exceptionally attractive cost.