Short-term authorization to work or reside in Switzerland

The L permit can be granted for temporary employment, for an internship after academic studies or to follow medical treatment. The short-term L permit is often granted first to non-EU skilled workers or for an independant activity.

The application process


The application process follows the same rules as the B permit for non-EU citizens. The short-term L permit is also subject to yearly quotas, the years spent under a L permit do not count when applying for a C permit “anticipé” (art. 34 al. 4 LEI).

For non-EU citizens, it is the employer who must lodge the application on behalf of the applicant. A contract stipulating the length of the work to be undertaken and signed by the two parties must be joined.

The employer must also submit a letter of motivation, a description of the company and his employees work permit status and citizenship.


The employer should also justify why he is hiring this particular non-European worker on a short-term basis.

The process can take three to four months before receiving a decision from the authorities, the SEM in Bern delivers the final decision to the employer or the legal representative.

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