Cross-border workers

The G permit or “permis frontalier” allows workers living on the neighboring country border (France, Germany or Italy) to work in Switzerland under certain conditions (art. 35 LEI).

A cross-border worker can apply for a G permit online and immediatly start working.



A G permit holder is required to go back home at least once a week. For non-EU cross-border workers, a domicile in a neighboring country is taken into consideration only if the applicant has lived there for at least six months and if the domicile is situated on the border of Switzerland (art. 25 LEI).

Any changes of situation, for example a change of employer, of canton or change of activity (independent) must be requested from cantonal authorities first.

After five years, the G permit can be renewed if no revocation motives exist such as debts, criminal proceedings, dependency on social assistance, threats to national security.

A cross-border permit does not grant access to a C permit or to Swiss citizenship!

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