Type of service Service fee (+7.7% VAT)
Non-EU B/L work permit and UK CHF 3'500.-
Non-EU intra-group transfer CHF 2'500.-
EU-27 and EFTA B/L work permit CHF 1'500.-
Spouse/dependant permit application (if applied at the same time) CHF 500.- per dependant
Non-EU spouse/dependant if applied separately within 5 years CHF 2'500.-
Renewal of B EU permit CHF 500.-
Renewal of B non-EU permit in the first 5 years with same employer CHF 500.-
Change of employer for non-EU B work permit skilled CHF 2000.-
B permit with no activity for EU CHF 2'500.-
Non-EU B permit for retirement CHF 4'000 to 8'000.-
Arrival in the canton within 14 days CHF 300.-
Annoucement for 90 days CHF 400.-
Fast-tracked C permit application, after 5 years with a B permit CHF 3'000 or CHF 5'000 with a family
CDL application/Ci permit CHF 400.-
G permit non-EU CHF 3'500.-
G permit EU CHF 1'500.-
Non-EU family reunification CHF 2'500.-


Must I have an address in Switzerland before I request a permit? 

  • Yes, it is necessary to have an address in Switzerland in order to request a permit as this information is required in the application form.

How long will it tale for my permit, if granted, to be delivered? 

  • The usual time to receive a permit, once granted, is of six months.

Once I have requested my permit, can I start working before it is delivered to me ? 

  • European workers can start working immediately once they have submitted the necessary documents requesting their permit. 
  • Non-European workers must wait for their permit to be accepted by the SEM (Secrétariat d’Etat aux migrations)

Is my family allowed to live in Switzerland with me ?

  • In general, a Swiss citizen or Swiss permit holder can request a family reunification, thus allowing for his spouse and children to receive a Swiss permit. 

Does my application through DeliverPermit guarantee me receiving my permit? 

  • No, DeliverPermit is a tool developped to make the application process easier but can not guarantee a permit being granted. 

Can I use DeliverPermit to renew or change my permit? 

  • Yes, DeliverPermit allows for permit holders to renew their permits or change them if necessary.

Is my personnal data protected on the DeliverPermit application?

  • Yes, all information is protected amd guaranteed on DelverPermit by our server located in Switzerland. 

Will I receive a refund if my permit application is rejected? 

  • No, there is no possibility for a refund. Whether the application is accepted or rejected, the work involved in requesting the granting of a permit will have been provided.  

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