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Living abroad can be tortuous when it comes to administrative procedures. Everything is always harder far from home. We are aware of it that is why we are here to help you be comfortable with everything regarding your personal life and family. Whether it is renting or purchasing a home, divorcing or going through a loss in your family we settle you with the best advisors in those respective fields.

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We have set up a team for every situation because we believe that each problem has its solution we work hard to offer you the best and personalized service you deserve.

Nothing is granted, we know that, such an issue can have important repercussions in various fields of the law. Setting up before everything unfolds is the best thing to do or when everything pressures our shoulders. Either way, we help you go through, for example, testamentory dispositions and taxes related matters.


When the divorce involves international aspects, issues such as the law applicable to the divorce and to the ancillary effects should be well assessed as the consequences may differ considerably from one country to another.

Our experts will answer questions as : what law is applicable? What are the conditions under Swiss law? Will the divorce affect the possibility to stay in the country? What are the basic costs?


Renting or purchasing a home abroad is like going in the ocean without swimming, especially in Geneva where the market is persistently in a situation of shortage. In this unfriendly environnement our team of experts will guide you with notice of termination, change of ownership, subletting an apartment and responsibility of renovation and maintenance costs.

We organise everything you need for your comfort and protection


“When I knew I was transferred to Geneva, my first concerned was having a comfortable home for my family. LegalExpat helped me with all the do’s and dont’s regarding rental agreements. I’m glad I contacted them because I know what to do in case something goes wrong.”

Alex Cavanaugh – Executive office manager

“I was overwhelmed by all the administrative procedures after my mother passed away. It was hard for me to figure out by myself how to procede. LegalExpat’s experts were there for me to advise me.”

Michelle Stark – Artistic Director




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