DeliverPermit® is an online solution developed by Legal Expat which allows the optimization of every authorization processes by saving you time and money. DeliverPermit® incorporates the experience gathered by Legal Expat since its creation. Thanks to our team of experts, you are now able to apply for work permits for your employees within 3 simple steps

Responsive and easy process

The app provides an easy interface to guide you through every step with the annoying task of dealing with administrative applications. Wherever you are in the world, at any time of the day or night you can access the app on any online device.

  • Fast and secured file upload
  • Easy interface
  • One step = one click
  • Assistance 24/7
  • Keeping track of your input


ENTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL                                                       ENTER AS A COMPANY 


Data and documents collection for the online application

Collecting personal documents as passport,  CV, contract, salary calculation form

Enter data into DeliverPermit® and upload files


Application processing and reporting by Legal Expat

Data integrity check by our team of experts

Prepare and file the application at the authorities within 24 hours

Tight process monitoring and online status consultation


Legal processing by the authorities and delivery of permits

Processing files by Office for Economy and Labour, Federal Office for Migration (SEM) or Migration Office of the Canton

Delivering Visa authorization, Work permit or Residence permit

Communication/instructions to the client

We guide you through every one of your steps, in order to save time and money

Online access

We guarantee privacy and provide a transparent access 24/7


Data integrity check

Documents filed to the authorities within 24 hours by our team

Follow-up flags 

 We follow up tasks when completed to the client through the dashboard.


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